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Who usually sells to ParkVestors?

We've helped everyone from private individuals to private companies to public municipalities sell properties they no longer wish to own. We've purchased properties for less than $100k, more than $30mm, and everywhere in-between. If you own a parking lot, parking garage, or mobile home park that generates income, we are interested in purchasing your property. It’s fair to say that several people from all walks of life approach us to sell off a parking lot they don’t require anymore, for a vast variety of reasons, such as:

  • Taking a Profit
  • Inherited Unwanted Property
  • Retirement
  • Loan Coming Due
  • Estate Planning
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Stuff Happens

Sellers come in various kinds, and so do their reasons to sell. Regardless, they all have one thing in common - a need for quick, reliable, and trustworthy buyers.

What kind of properties does ParkVestors buy?

We Buy Parking Lots. We Buy Garages. And We Buy Mobile Home Parks. ParkVestors is a real estate investment company. Whether you’re selling a parking lot or garage or mobile home park, we’re here to make things go easier. We remove many of the common pain points associated with a traditional brokerage experience, helping you transition out of a property you no longer wish to own. We’ve bought everything from a small, privately-owned 25-space parking lot to a large, publicly-owned 700+ space parking garage. Interested in selling? Get a free consultation.

How does the process work when selling your property to ParkVestors?
We first arrange for a free consultation to help you understand the selling process and obtain the details of your parking lot. After this, we return to you with a fixed price quotation. If you are happy with our quote we proceed to finalize your sale. You have the freedom to choose a date of closing. Click here for more details.
What does selling my parking lot “as is” mean?
With most sales, you’ll begin when a buyer makes you an offer. After agreeing, your buyer may call various professionals during due diligence who will point out all sorts of flaws, such as cracks, uneven paving, or infrastructure issues – giving the buyer reason to lower their original offer and derailing your sale.
Can I expect a market value offer for my parking lot?
We offer a fair deal based on the condition of the property and the market. We take care of your typical closing costs and pay in cash – quick and painlessly.

Valuation process

How do you determine the price offered for my parking space?
We take the following factors into account during the valuation process:

  • The location of your property
  • The existing condition of your property
  • The income your property generates
  • The extent of repairs and maintenance required
  • The relative value of your parking lot or mobile home park, compared to other lots in the same area
Do I have to pay a fee for ParkVestors to make an offer on my parking lot?
Absolutely not – you will not have to spend a dime during the entire process.

No one was happy with the way the garage was being managed… We’re really not in a position to turn that around…There’s great incentive from my perspective to put that in the hands of someone who I believe is going to do a much better job of managing the garage.

Bill Horne

Clearwater FL City Manager

Referral Program

At ParkVestors, we always appreciate hearing about potential acquisition opportunities from our colleagues and friends inside and outside the industry.If you bring us a viable lead on a parking or mobile home park acquisition, we’ll gladly offer a generous referral fee. Contact us for details!