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Why sell with us

Why selling to ParkVestors
is the right choice

Speed & simplicity

We cut straight to the chase

When it comes to getting you a good deal. Selling a parking lot can be quite the headache in today’s market – with complex paperwork, confusing buyer negotiations, and brokers who don’t value your time.

With us on your side, you get a fair price quote within a week – and we can close a sale in as little as a month.
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Experience & trust

We believe in always doing the right thing

We’ve been in the game for over a decade and we’ve learned a thing or two about parking lots and how to best help sellers looking for a good, quick deal and helpful advice.

We are committed to high standards of professional integrity and constant improvement. We’re here to exceed your expectations.

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Personal touch

For us every transactions is a relationship

At ParkVestors, we take a hands-on approach from start to finish handling the entire disposition process for a seller.

Whether you’re selling a mobile home park or a parking lot we’re here to make your experience as easy as possible.
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No commission fees

We don’t charge commission or brokerage

Unlike traditional transactions, which often entail extended timelines and substantial fees ranging from 5% to 8% of your total sale value, our service offers a streamlined, commission-free experience.

We pride ourselves on delivering swift, transparent, and financially advantageous transactions.

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In a matter of months, we saw a decrease in crime and a complete turnaround for the neighborhood. This convinced me that Mobile Homes were not the problem, it’s essentially about the management.

Bobby Cartwright

Mayor, City of Lovejoy

Referral Program

At ParkVestors, we always appreciate hearing about potential acquisition opportunities from our colleagues and friends inside and outside the industry.If you bring us a viable lead on a parking or mobile home park acquisition, we’ll gladly offer a generous referral fee. Contact us for details!